Amazingly Simple and Cheap Garden Plant Resources

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By Doreen Whitelock

Did you know here are some amazingly simple resources to get the best organic plants and seeds for your own organic victory garden? Interesting isn’t it and it may not cost you another penny… But what should you be looking for?

First of all you want to grow organic Heirloom, Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GM/GMO) or Non-Genetically Engineered (Non-GEO) seeds, plants or veggies. Did you realize the “O” in GMO and GEO actually stands for Organisms.

Many of these seeds and plants can be purchased from local plant nurseries, very good home and garden stores that have large garden centers, while the veggies are best if grown from local Organic Farms or Farmers Markets. You may also consider some large health food markets that sell Organic Locally grown veggies and of course there are also online sellers.

Again, the most important thing is to make the right choices! Make sure you get organic, heirloom, non-genetically modified food and plants.

Secondly, what’s amazingly simple and cheap is that some of your garden plants can be grown right from the organic veggies in your very own refrigerator, or, from your own kitchen shelves. That’s right you may already have some organically grown veggies right there in your very own refrigerator or cupboard that you can plant in your garden. I know I do.

To help you find some here is a list of some organic plants you may be able to grow from foods already in your refrigerator or on your kitchen shelves:

Leeks, onions, potatoes, ginger, dried beans, peas and other legumes, sprouting seeds, mint (in some schools the kindergarten classes grow these from a single leaf), and so many more.

And check this out, you can even get organic seeds from many of your organically purchased raw peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, different squash and pumpkins and many more that still have seeds inside. Many of these seeds can literally be dried and stored to plant in your next garden.

Another amazingly simple resource is Organic Fruit purchased from local farmers markets which can also produce some wonderful seeds for your own orchard. These however take much longer to grow from seed. I often save and dry some for my future orchard.

As a little girl my Grandmother instilled the love of growing flowers and veggies and I remember when she moved away I planted pinto beans from my parent’s kitchen pantry into my backyard and proudly harvested them. I did it, and know it can be done as it was fun and really quite easy even for me as a 9 year old.

Also important to remember as you start your Organic Victory Garden is to find out the best ways to protect your garden from pests in a nontoxic manner and grow it “non-toxically.” That is, without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

As an organic gardener your goal is to create a balanced natural environment for you, your family and garden. This entails healthy soil, the right beneficial bugs, such as beneficial beetles, worms, birds and even frogs to help you eliminate many veracious, plant eating bad bugs without the use of toxic pesticides.

Manually knocking off (usually into a can) the plant eating worms in your garden is another way to protect your garden. Many gardeners feed these worms to the birds, frogs and other beneficial critters that live in their gardens.

Still other gardeners create a hobby from this technique of manually picking off veggie eating worms. They actually protect the species by collecting them and putting them in a simple habitat which allows them to feed and grow into the butterflies and moths they were destined to be.

But, if absolutely necessary, you can make your own organic insecticidal soap which is still safe for you your family and the environment. But realize that it will also damage your beneficial bugs should they get sprayed, so please use only when necessary.

As you can see there truly are amazingly simple, easy and cheap ways to get the best organic plants and seeds to start your own Victory Garden. So it is now time to grow your own Victory Garden and to help you get started you can find many free gardening tips and videos at: to help you and your family become naturally sustainable.

Author: Doreen Whitelock, Be Well and Do Great

Article Source:  Amazingly Simple and Cheap Garden Plant Resources

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